Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tears of a Tiger

Tears of a Tiger
By: Sharon M. Draper
Reviewed by: Jose R., 18
Rating: It was amazing!

Andy Jackson and his friends thought it would be fun to celebrate their basketball victory with a night out and a few beers. When Andy's car started weaving on the interstate, they thought it was hilarious. But when the car crashed into a retaining wall and burst into flames with Andy's best friend trapped inside, their laughter died quickly as their world was turned upside down. The death of Rob Washington, captain of the Hazelwood High basketball team and fun-loving friend to all, affects the entire school. But perhaps the person most profoundly impacted is Andy, who cannot come to terms with his friend's death and his role in it. Tormented by feelings of guilt and sorrow, Andy withdraws from everyone who cares for him: family, friends, teachers, his girlfriend. Hiding his pain behind a mask of laughing antics, he finds himself unable to reconcile the past, cope with the present, or envision a future and commits suicide. This first book of the Hazelwood High trilogy is a beautiful crafted, heart-wrenching story of despair and impossible atonement, friendship and hope.

Recommended to: Everyone who likes a good story

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